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Vendor Contract

The purpose of this agreement is to grant EXHIBITOR occupancy of a space at the SPONSOR's event indicated on
the attachment to this agreement (hereinafter referred to as Health, Wellness and Menstrual Hygiene Day Event.
The SPONSOR hereby leases to EXHIBITOR on the following terms:

the email. Exhibitor will receive confirmation of selection to participate. Booth rental fee is shown below
and must be paid online by specified date in the confirmation email.

DATE of Vendor Event: May 28, 2022   10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Location of Event: Tanya's Place, 3912 Lansing Court, Dumfries Va. 22026

  • Set-up will be 2 hours prior to opening the Show. Information for loading merchandise will be provided

under separate cover. There will absolutely be no unloading of boxes, racks, dollies, etc. after the Show

has opened. Rental fee will not be refundable.​

  • EXHIBITOR shall not assign or sublet this contract without the prior written approval of the SPONSOR.​

  • SPONSOR, at the SPONSORS discretion and for any reason perceived by SPONSOR as fair and reasonable

due cause, reserves the right to reject an application at any time leading up the Show.

  • EXHIBITOR shall indemnify SPONSOR, its agents, representatives, affiliates, security and successors from

any and all liability arising from the loss, theft, or damage to EXHIBITOR's goods, literature, promotional
materials or personal property, or to the person or the property of third parties caused by EXHIBITOR's
actions or goods sold. SPONSOR will not be held liable in the event of circumstances beyond the control
of the SPONSOR. In event of acts of GOD, SPONSOR will reschedule event.

  • This event is being advertised via social media, radio and possible television. Photos will be taken and



FEE FOR RENTAL SPACE - $60.00 for (10x10 space), $100.00 for (10x20 space). This is an outside event, bring your
own table, chairs and tent. Limited Tent rental space is available for $25 shared and $40 single. Lunch and water
will be provided. Table rental is available at $10 per table, $15 for a table and 2 chairs. There will be ONLY ONE of
each type of Vendor. Advance payment required to secure your space!

Payment may be made via CashApp ($NeavalyTouray) or call 301-442-0274 for other options.

If you have any questions, please contact Neavaly Touray, 301-442-0274 or email

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